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BY simply knowing some basic Blackjack strategies, techniques and moves that every player must know you can get started. Being a first timer in a game is not so easy, but nothing teaches faster than actually sitting down and playing. The dealers will help you learn the basics of the rules and lingo.

In order to get familiar the aspects of Blackjack, you must first learn the basic terms. So what are they?

Soft and Hard Totals

In blackjack, your hand could have two totals, the soft total and the hard total. When you have a soft total, it means you have an ace in your hand and you are counting it as eleven until not going over 21. While a hard total means you are counting the ace in your hand as one. With either you never want to go over 21.

Hit and Stand

‘Hit’ means that you would take out another card from the dealer. But if you ‘Stand’, it means that another card is not necessary and you are satisfied with your card count.


Your card count exceeds 21, and it?s a loss for that round.


Tthe dealer and the player have the same totals. When this is happening, the player’s bet is usually returned.

Double down

Doubling the player’s bet is allowed on his first two cards, and then draw another one after.

Splitting Pairs

The player may split two cards which are a pair, and then get two novel cards.

Potential Double Down Hands

A Hard 9 over a Hard 11 is the potential double down.

Stiff Hands

These are the Hard 12’s over Hard 16’s. The player cannot beat the dealer with this kind of hand. And they also commonly got bust.


House is term that refers to the establishments that run games.

When you already know these basic terms, it is now time to learn the strategies and rules of the game. Usually there are rules for the soft totals, the rules for the hard totals, and the rules for pairs. These rules show you when to hit, when to double down, when to split, and when to stand. It is a hundred percent an effective technique because these are mathematically calculated. The rules of this game should be memorized and also practiced so that you can master them even before you have decided to hand your money over in the casino.

Those drawing rules would always assume that hitting with a hard total of 7 or less is a must. Stand on a hard total of 17 or more than that at all times. Also, standing on a soft total of 19 or more than that should always be a move. And most of all, players should not take the insurances.

These Blackjack strategies would be a big help for every first timer. Learn the basic rules and guidelines, and you will be on your way to blackjack success in the casinos.

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