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Casinos are fascinating places to visit because they emulate the glitz and glamour of the high life. Arguably, the most famous location for several of the richest casinos in the world is Las Vegas, a magnet for high rollers, performers and celebrities. No doubt many are aware of the city’s charisma, which has been seen on major motion pictures about casinos, love, gaming and crime. The revenue of the Las Vegas strip in 2009 was $5.550 billion, making it the perfect target for large-scale crimes. Movies about casinos sensationalize the target, depicting mob bosses and infamous robberies to their audiences, who perhaps see Las Vegas as a hub for daring criminals. There are 10 casino movies that made the all time “Best Of” list, and most of them take place in Las Vegas.

The Top 10 Casino Movies

For the purposes of this article, the list here begins with the less famous casino movies and ends with the renowned movies that have won Hollywood’s highest awards.

10. Hard Eight – This is less of a casino movie, and more of a gangster-type love story. There is still fast money to be made in Las Vegas, and the crime centers around money. One man is bribed, and reluctantly turns the large sum over, only to later kill the man that bribed him.

9. Showgirls – The showgirls in Vegas are celebrated for their talent and entertaining performances, and this movie is no different. The movie’s heroine begins as a stripper and works her way to the stage. It was criticized for its mediocre acting, but when Showgirls hit the shelves for home viewing, it peaked in rentals to $100 million.

8. Casino Royale – A remake, this movie shows a vulnerable James Bond, because he is just starting out as a double agent. The movie took the audience back to a younger and more vibrant Bond. Las Vegas is not a part of the movie. Instead, the casino is in Montenegro. The game is Texas Hold ‘Em with a buy-in of $10 million, which Bond eventually wins, despite an attempt on his life.

7. National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation – A movie in the Vacation comedy series, Vegas Vacation takes the unlucky Griswold Family to Las Vegas. The father, Clark, loses nearly $23,000 through a sudden gambling addiction just as the family’s tacky Cousin Eddie shows up in Vegas. The movie turns out well with Clark winning the lottery after several mishaps.

6. The Hangover – By far the funniest modern film about a bachelor party in Las Vegas before the big wedding, The Hangover earned $467 million (gross) worldwide. It was the 10th highest earning film of 2009. The movie shows the actors at a casino, but not for long, as they must find their friend before the wedding.

5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Fear and Loathing isn’t about a casino. It’s about the surreal path of a journalist, and the viewer never knows what is real and what is imaginary. The journalist and his entourage cruise through Vegas in the 1970s in a psychedelic drug haze.

4. Casino – Casino encompasses the mob, drugs, love and money. It is the classic crime drama film centered in Las Vegas, and deals with everything from mob-enforcers to the gaming board to the FBI, and a casino owner’s downfall. The movie was criticized for violence and well received at the same time.

3. Rounders – Straight out of the world of high-stakes poker, Rounders is about earning fast money to pay a big debt. The word Rounder describes a person who jumps from city to city, looking for high-stakes poker games. The movie ends with the lead character moving to Las Vegas for the purpose of playing in the World Series of Poker.

2. 21 – This is a true story about a group of college students that cracked the mystique of card counting in Las Vegas using two groups, the “Spotters” and the “big players.” The most won by the group in blackjack is $640,000. As the movie was released for a second time, it was declared the No. 1 film in the United States and Canada.

1. Ocean’s Eleven – Perhaps the most renowned casino movie ever, Ocean’s Eleven earned $450,728,529 worldwide. A slew of professional criminals are showcased in the movie. The plot is to steal billions from a Las Vegas casino that happens to be owned by the main criminal’s nemesis, who is in a relationship with the criminal’s long-time love.

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