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PostHeaderIcon Foiling Card Counters with Continuous Shuffle Machines

blackjack-handThe most successful way to win a shoe game which uses 4, 6 or even 8 decks of cards, like blackjack, is without any doubt the card counting technique. Not illegal, but not welcomed by casinos either, card counting is the only strategy that transforms a pure game of chance in a skill game. Generally speaking, higher the number of decks used is, lower the advantage of the game, but there is still an advantage. In a traditional game of blackjack the cards are hand shuffled by a dealer, according to a pattern he was taught during his training period, which guarantees a random shuffle for the next shoe. This represents the perfect stage for an expert player to guess hands through card counting.

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PostHeaderIcon To Predict Blackjack’s Future, You Should First Learn Its Past!

It has been said that the best way to foresee humankind’s future is to understand human nature and learn how it evolves. While some may find the statement farfetched, the truth is that people’s current needs, hopes and dreams are usually the foundation of the future. The theory is also applicable in the gambling industry, where both parties involved try to win money off each other. The affiliation between the player and the casino is not very different from interpersonal relationships and it will inevitably influence the future of the game. In the following article we will summarize the history of blackjack and will try to predict its future.

Blackjack was not always popular

In spite of the fact that casinos used to earn hefty sums of cash from blackjack players before the 60s, it wasn’t until the publishing of the classic book “Beat The Dealer” by Edward Thorp that the game captured the gamblers’ attention. Up to that point, people use to rely on superstition, while winning was merely a matter of luck, so except for a few professional card players nobody really won at blackjack. The book launched in 1962 brought a new perspective on blackjack and proposed a basic strategy that could considerably boost your chances of winning.

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PostHeaderIcon Is Blackjack Better Than Poker? 5 Deductions That Support This Statement

Even though poker is by far the most popular casino game worldwide, many gamblers, including the ones who didn’t miss even one World Series of Poker championship, agree that blackjack is actually more fun to play. Following is a list of arguments that demonstrate blackjack is far more lucrative than poker.

1. Blackjack is easier to learn

The goal of blackjack is simple and straightforward: beat the dealer with a hand of 21 or at least bigger than what he holds. That is all there is to it! Poker on the other hand, implies figuring out your next move and bet based on what you think your opponents are holding and their actual bets.

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PostHeaderIcon How To Make Half A Million Dollars With What You Learn From Playing Blackjack

Did you know that by being able to play blackjack successfully it means that you also have the necessary skills to succeed in other professions as well? Meet Blair Hull, a booming blackjack player who managed to win half a million dollars with a minimum investment of $25,000. Despite of what many blackjack aficionados might think, Blair didn’t win the huge sum of cash by playing, but instead he decided to apply the tricks we learnt in the game to the financial market trading niche. And he isn’t the only top financial trader who enjoys playing high stakes games like blackjack.

The key to becoming a successful blackjack player and trader

In spite of the fact that they seem like two very different worlds, financial market trading and playing blackjack have many similarities. To put it simply, unless you come up with a plan and execute it with discipline, you have very thin chances of success in either of the professions. Discipline in this case implies not letting your emotions get the best of you and employing a specific money management system.

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