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Research and experience has shown that blackjack, contrary to popular belief, can in fact be beaten. If you are proficient in some basic skills, this will easily decrease the house edge by approximately 5 percent. However, to go further in the game, you will have to use a strategy known as card counting. This in turn is divided into two sub strategies. There is a level one or the introductory level of card counting, which involves only focusing on the ten cards and aces, while disregarding the others. Here the emphasis lies on increasing your winning percentage, while keeping the card counting system free of any complications.

The advanced level of card counting is for those who are willing to spend a considerable amount of their time figuring out numbers. For this, you need to have a certain level of aptitude in math, particularly with real natural numbers. Moreover, you also need to possess a lot of dedication for working long hours and unveil what is similar to a mystery. In order to do this effectively and in the least possible time, you could learn a few tricks and strategies. Keep in mind that these will not ensure victory.

After understanding the card counting levels, you will have to work on increasing your speed. This is something that each starter should be aware of. When a beginner is approaching card counting, it is often the speed of the game that intimidates him and shatters his confidence the very first time. Card counting is definitely one highly effective way of improving your odds, however you need to remember that this will not work every time. In blackjack, like in any other casino game, your winning depends almost entirely on your luck, with a superior strategy working to simply assist this force of nature.

There may be times when you will lose a great amount of money in blackjack, but, as the card counting technique move the edge of the game to your side, you’ll eventually win in a sufficient long term period. So the basic secret to actually reach your goals at the table, is to never give up and not lose hope. You may find that you are going through a dramatic path of bad luck, but remember that it is indeed just a path that will soon be followed by a period of good luck where you will not only recover all your lost money, but may also end up earning significantly over that. There are many counters who have backed out because of continuous streak of losing money and a bankroll that was not sufficient to support all of it. In card counting, penetration is all that matters. If it is not at a point where around 75 percent of the cards are put into play, most gamblers would not be interested.

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