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PostHeaderIcon The Psychology Behind Blackjack – An Introduction To The Introspection Theory

Gambling has been and still is one of the central forms of entertainment in various cultures across the globe. While it is true that currently millions of people prefer gambling in both land based and online casinos, the problem with the vast majority of players consists of the fact that they perceive it as an activity mainly based on luck. However, gambling in general and blackjack in particular entail a certain level of knowledge on probability, statistics, math and psychology. In this guide, we will attempt to explain the fundamental psychological principles behind the game of blackjack.

The introspection therapy

From a broad perspective, the Introspection Therapy can be defined as an assorted multi-modal approach to personal therapy comprising of two major aspect of basic human psychology: the confusion theory and the stability factors. Understanding the mechanics of these physiological facets implies obtaining an insight on all human behaviors. And yes, many psychology schools of thought agree that human behavior as a whole can be actually explained by simple, yet fundamental ideas.

The confusion theory

The idea behind this supposition is actually very simple: whenever a person needs to choose between order and chaos, he will always select the regulated universe. In other words, at the very base of each person’s behavior lays the urge to seek and bring order in his life. The interesting thing about this motivation is that people are willing to do anything to achieve some order, irrespective of how silly or destructive their actions might be. However, the search for order is never easy and more often than not, the answers (especially those ridiculous and vicious) will inevitably bring out even more problems.

The stability factors

The stability factors refer to the entirety of thoughts and emotions that an individual strives to shut down whenever he experiences confusion in life. On the other hand, the endeavor of bring back stability in life does not have any other confirmation of validity except the fact that people feel the confusion disappeared from their lives. While adopting this attitude to dissipate confusion does the trick, it does not automatically entail the thoughts and feeling are correct or efficient in the long run.

How does it apply in blackjack?

The application of the aforementioned hypotheses is best illustrated in the case of poor gamblers who, even though they constantly lose and have a dreadfully low win/lose ratio, continue to play and even place high bets. The problem with most of the players in this category resides in the fact that their logic wages a war on their emotions, a battle in which any therapist can tell you that reason will always lose.
Essentially, what this means is that the player will not be able to assess his losing streak from a rationale point of view and will handle the confusion in the game via emotions. Consequentially, losing at blackjack will be explained by the player as:

  • It was the other players’ fault
  • I couldn’t follow the strategy because I made a big bet
  • I had to bet more than I actually had in order to recover the money I lost
  • It was a minimum bet so I don’t worry about playing bad or losing it

The solution

While you will strongly deny it, you will need to acknowledge the fact that you are letting your emotions make important blackjack play decisions instead of your logic. However, the good news is that the solution to preventing feelings from governing your rationale is actually very simple: you need to start keeping a journal/diary about your blackjack sessions. Even though you might consider this a complete waste of time, their main function is to uncover your weaknesses.

At the same time, if you do not want to lose a lot of cash while identifying your vulnerabilities, then you need to take advantage of the practice sessions. Their main function is not only to teach new players the rules of blackjack, but also to prepare those who are familiar with the game for the live play.

In conclusion

Without minimizing the importance of studying the theory and strategies of blackjack, it is important to realize that you cannot be a consistent winner unless you learn a bit about yourself. After all, do not forget that the casinos are not out to beat a strategy, but the player.

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