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PostHeaderIcon To Quit Or Not To Quit, That Is The Question

For a most of casino games including Blackjack, there are always strategies by which one can play and more often win the game. It is very important, however, before learning such strategies, that we understand the basic rules of the game.

The basic aim of Blackjack is to beat the dealer and this can be done in two ways: either by beating the dealer’s hand; or letting the dealer’s hand go ‘bust’. To beat the dealer’s hand you should have a total value of cards equal to or less than 21, but still higher than the dealer. If your hand exceeds 21, you are considered ‘bust’. So similarly to by the second technique, to have the dealer’s hand go ‘bust’, his value should exceed 21 whilst yours is still within it. Also, in a game like blackjack, the suit of the card doesn’t matter, only its value.

The main thing that is important in a game of blackjack is deciding when to quit. In some cases, neither a stand nor a hit is favourable to the player as there are more chances of him simply losing more money if he continues to play whereas if he quits then his losses can be put to an end.

The other important thing that must be kept in mind is deciding when to double one’s wager. In deciding when to double one’s wager, one must compare the odds of losing the hand with a single hit with the odds of winning the hand when taking as many hits as might be necessary in order to make a hand. For example consider the fact that a person might opt to hit a hand of ten versus a dealer’s seven has an over all fifty seven percent chances of winning the hand. At the same time he stands a thirty two percent chance of losing it and a ten percent chance of tying it with the dealer’s hand. And hence over the course of hundred rounds of play, the player will eventually end up winning twenty five point seven five betting units in total. On the very first hit the player has an outstanding fifty eight percent chance of winning, a thirty six percent chance of losing and a n eight percent chance of tying. So if he happens to play a hundred rounds, he will end up winning only twenty one percent of all hands dealt while if he doubles his wager then he will end up winning approximately forty three betting units. The main idea of playing any card game is to maximize one’s gains while winning and in order to do that, a player must very importantly double a hand of ten against his dealer’s seven. The effects of doubling strategically are dramatic. These basic strategies help the player to build up a strong base from where he can go on to achieve higher things. But at the same time it is very important to have these basics in the mind.

The main thing that should always be kept in mind is when to call it a day, cut short the losses and go home. That is the true hallmark of a good player; the ability to walk away from a game.

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