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PostHeaderIcon Tips And Tricks For Winning At Single Deck Blackjack

In spite of the fact that no strategy will work 100% of the times, it is necessary to mention that the best method to beat the casino at blackjack is to make sure you bet more on your winning hands than on the losing ones. In other words, the key to winning substantial sums of cash at blackjack implies managing your bets properly. Speaking of walking away from the table with more money that you started with, take note that in single deck blackjack the advantage of the house is considerably reduced and hence, you have better odds of winning, especially if you have a strategy and stick to it.

The mechanics of the game

In order to the single deck strategy to be applied successfully, first you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the game. While the objective of the game is to hit 21, many players forget that they can also win if the total value of their hand is bigger and closer to 21 as opposed to the dealer’s hand. In the latter circumstances, you will win a sum equal to the amount you waged, providing that the dealer did not hit 21.

In case you hit blackjack, then you will normally earn 3 to 2 from your initial bet, meaning that if you bet $100 then you will win $150 if you get 21. The rule is available only if the dealer didn’t hit blackjack as well. If you and the dealer both have a hand of at least 17 then you are entitled to receive your original bet back. While you can ask for as many cards as you consider necessary, the dealer is allowed to draw until he reaches 17 or higher. However, take note that if the total value of your hand exceeds 21 then and you will automatically lose the bet.

In regards to the value of the cards in the deck, you should know that all face cards have a value of ten while the rest are valued based on their face numbers. The ace is only exception and it can have a value of one or eleven.

Know the blackjack lingo before playing

Besides learning the rules of the game, it is recommended that you learn the lingo used at the table before playing. As blackjack is a fast paced game, rest assured the jargon is simple and straightforward as well:

  • Stand – means you are satisfied with your current hand and don’t intend to take further action.
  • Hit – implies you want to draw additional cards.
  • Split – is used when you have two cards of the same value and you want to play two different hands; both bets need to be of equal value.
  • Double Down – indicates that you want to double your bet; once you do so, you will only receive one card and you are forced to stand.

On a side note, it is advisable to check out the rules of splitting aces before taking this action; if you play at an online casino because you may not be allowed to draw more than one card for each ace. In addition, in some casinos a hand consisting of a face card and an ace is not considered blackjack and hence, you will not win 3:2 times your bet.

Betting tricks for single deck blackjack

As many profs point out, when betting in a single deck blackjack game it is best to begin with one chip and continue betting with chips of the same value throughout the session. To put it simply, if you place a $10 chip down as your initial bet, then continue to use $10 chips for the entire game. In the eventuality that you have a winning hand, then you should decrease the bet by one chip and only increase with one chip on every loss.

In addition, whenever you win two times in a row, win a six or seven chip bet or get an eight chip level without winning, then it is recommended to start over with one chip on the next betting round. Applying this strategy is a guarantee that you put yourself in a desirable situation where you win the bigger bets. Keep in mind that the aim of this system does not imply winning more hands.

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