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PostHeaderIcon Casino Movies and Online Games: The New Frontier!

Is Celebrity Gaming moving Online?

Casinos are fascinating places to visit because they emulate the glitz and glamour of the high life. Arguably, the most famous location for several of the richest casinos in the world is Las Vegas, a magnet for high rollers, performers and celebrities. No doubt many are aware of the city’s charisma, which has been seen on major motion pictures about casinos, love, gaming and crime. The revenue of the Las Vegas strip in 2009 was $5.550 billion, making it the perfect target for large-scale crimes. Movies about casinos sensationalize the target, depicting mob bosses and infamous robberies to their audiences, who perhaps see Las Vegas as a hub for daring criminals. There are 10 casino movies that made the all time “Best Of” list, and most of them take place in Las Vegas.

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