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PostHeaderIcon Tricks at a Live Casino Blackjack Table

Research and experience has shown that blackjack, contrary to popular belief, can in fact be beaten. If you are proficient in some basic skills, this will easily decrease the house edge by approximately 5 percent. However, to go further in the game, you will have to use a strategy known as card counting. This in turn is divided into two sub strategies. There is a level one or the introductory level of card counting, which involves only focusing on the ten cards and aces, while disregarding the others. Here the emphasis lies on increasing your winning percentage, while keeping the card counting system free of any complications.

The advanced level of card counting is for those who are willing to spend a considerable amount of their time figuring out numbers. For this, you need to have a certain level of aptitude in math, particularly with real natural numbers. Moreover, you also need to possess a lot of dedication for working long hours and unveil what is similar to a mystery. In order to do this effectively and in the least possible time, you could learn a few tricks and strategies. Keep in mind that these will not ensure victory.

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PostHeaderIcon It’s Raining Jewels at the Gemstone Jackpot Slot Game

gemstone-jackpotAny time I play blackjack, either online or at a local casino, it powerfully comes to my mind the splendour of Las Vegas, its glittering lights, the sounds of coins being dispensed by the slot machines and women wearing the most luxury dresses and the most precious jewels. I recently stumbled upon a video slot where all these elements are wisely mixed together in an apotheosis of opulence and elegance, the perfect game for all those who love the brightness of diamonds and the other gems. Introduced by Novomatic, Gemstone Jackpot is a video slot machine for wealthy slot game enthusiasts. The game is not an ordinary game and has some exciting and unique features. Let’s see some of its important aspects in more detail.

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PostHeaderIcon The Psychology Behind Blackjack – An Introduction To The Introspection Theory

Gambling has been and still is one of the central forms of entertainment in various cultures across the globe. While it is true that currently millions of people prefer gambling in both land based and online casinos, the problem with the vast majority of players consists of the fact that they perceive it as an activity mainly based on luck. However, gambling in general and blackjack in particular entail a certain level of knowledge on probability, statistics, math and psychology. In this guide, we will attempt to explain the fundamental psychological principles behind the game of blackjack.

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PostHeaderIcon Casino Movies and Online Games: The New Frontier!

Is Celebrity Gaming moving Online?

Casinos are fascinating places to visit because they emulate the glitz and glamour of the high life. Arguably, the most famous location for several of the richest casinos in the world is Las Vegas, a magnet for high rollers, performers and celebrities. No doubt many are aware of the city’s charisma, which has been seen on major motion pictures about casinos, love, gaming and crime. The revenue of the Las Vegas strip in 2009 was $5.550 billion, making it the perfect target for large-scale crimes. Movies about casinos sensationalize the target, depicting mob bosses and infamous robberies to their audiences, who perhaps see Las Vegas as a hub for daring criminals. There are 10 casino movies that made the all time “Best Of” list, and most of them take place in Las Vegas.

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