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PostHeaderIcon Learning The Ropes Increases Your Chances Of Winning At Blackjack!

Blackjack is a unique casino game mainly because it allows some room for players to reduce the house advantage by selecting the correct next action. Essentially, when playing blackjack you can decide when to draw another card, when to stand, when to double your bet or to split your bet, if you get two cards of the same type. Since the game incorporates the element of player choice, it also means that you can increase your chances of winning by learning the ins and outs of the game.

Isn’t blackjack a game that always favors the house?

The odds of winning at blackjack are dictated by the number of decks the casino employs. While pretty difficult to find and costlier, as bets start at $25, a casino that offers single-deck blackjack or that follows the downtown Las Vegas rules reduces the house’s advantage to 0.16% and hence, increase your chances of winning.

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