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If you want to start playing blackjack, the good news is that the game is very easy to understand. In fact, because it only has very basic rules, you can be sure to be at the table playing in just a few minutes. In the following article, you will find out everything you need to know about playing online blackjack.

Placing a bet

In order to play a hand at blackjack, first you must place a bet on the table. Take note that the minimum amount of cash you can bet at this point varies in accordance to the online casino where you are playing and the table you are at. In general, for all winning bets you will receive Even Money, which is essentially like making an insurance bet on your blackjack hand. The only exception to this rule is when you hit blackjack, case in which you will earn a sum representing 3 to 2 on the original bet and lose the initial Even Money bet. Basically, if you place a bet on $20 and hit blackjack, then you could win $30.

Dealing the cards

After the placing the bet, you and the dealer will each receive two cards. While both your cards will be dealt face down, one of the dealer’s cards will be placed faced up. This is known as the up card and its role is to help players guess what the dealer holds. It is necessary to mention that all cards’ count is equivalent to the number displayed, the only exclusion being the Ace that counts as 11 or 1, depending on the situation. The objective of the game is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible. On a side note, the goal of the game is not really to reach 21, but rather get a bigger hand than the dealer.

Taking action

Once you have seen your cards and the up card of the dealer, you will need to decide on your next action. As a player, you will go first and, based on what you have, decide on any of the following actions:

  • Stand – you are satisfied with your hand and wish to end your turn.
  • Hit – you want to take another card; you can continue to ask for additional cards until you reach 21 or bust.
  • Split – in the event you hold two cards of the same type, then you have the option of making two separate hands; take note that this only applies to the first two cards you hold.
  • Double Down – as the name suggests, you want to double your initial bet; the action requires you are also dealt an additional card and Double Down is only permitted when you hold two cards.
  • Surrender – this is allowed only for the first two cards and implies taking half your bet and giving up the game.

What happens after your turn end?

The dealer will typically complete his hand by drawing as many cards as he sees fit after your turn has ended. In general, casinos demand dealers to draw until they hit a soft or hard 17. Note that a soft 17 means holding a 6 and an Ace, while a hard 17 implies holding a 7 and a 10.

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